My name is David Chiapetto. I have lived in several states over the years, and I’ve bought and sold homes in multiple markets. I live in Indianapolis and my last home purchase was orchestrated by the team of REALTORS at In-Sight Realty. Their unique approach to meeting customer’s needs made me feel like I was buying in a small town instead of in the big city, which made that purchase far more pleasant than my previous experiences. They displayed a level of values and personal service that I have not experienced in the past, and they acted as a team working together to meet my needs. I truly felt like they had my back during the entire transaction, and not just out for their next commission. This is why I chose to join the team at In-Sight Realty. When you choose me to find or sell your next or first home, you not only get my dedication and commitment, but you also get a team of experts working together to meet your needs.

For me being a Realtor has been a lifelong dream, and as my children have grown I have been able to pursue my career in real estate as a full time Broker. I have always enjoyed doing home searches and exploring varying neighborhoods, and just finding that one unique home. I have done many home improvement projects over the years, and I’m always on the lookout for a good home flipping project…perhaps this would be the perfect project for you! Whether you’re selling your current home, or looking for that special home you’ve been dreaming of, I will help you find the perfect location.
I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. I spent many years walking ocean beaches, exploring redwood mountains, and visiting places like Napa Valley, Monterey, and San Francisco. I left California in 1997 and put down roots in Indiana and began raising a family in and around Indianapolis. I have lived in Indianapolis for 18 years, but I still enjoy visiting my favorite hot spots in the Bay Area. These days I spend my spare time enjoying Indiana’s hiking trails, campgrounds, and cookouts with friends and family. I especially enjoy the fall season, and a peaceful canoeing trip with my son and brother. I learned the printing trade in high school, and worked hard to perfect my craft over the years, eventually reaching many levels of management in several printing companies. While in the printing industry I have learned to work with many different people to accomplish a goal by focusing on the details. I look forward to using this experience to help you achieve your dreams!

I live and work in Indianapolis, and my office is wherever you are. I can be contacted anytime at 317-445-1988.